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© 2007 * ISBN: 1-889833-90-3
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© 2005 * ISBN: 1-889833-87-8
$29.95 * 128 Pages * 11 x 9

There are two Capes in Massachusetts— the world-renowned cape named for a fish and the feisty, fabulously beautiful Cape named for a queen. For twenty years, Andrew Borsari has maintained a mecca for photography lovers at the tip of the latter, and in Cape Ann he shows us why this region of Massachusetts is cherished by its residents and envied by the rest of the world.

The trivia question—what four towns make up Cape Ann?—would stump many from the Boston area. The answer—Gloucester, Rockport, Essex, and Manchester-by-the-Sea—is a study in contrasts. In such contrasts Borsari finds exceptional harmony.

Gloucester, of course, is known for fishing. It is the site of that rugged classic Captains Courageous and the inspiration for The Perfect Storm. Still today it remains a fisherman's town, although a century-old art colony and a certain gentrification can make it a most desirable address. Rockport, which holds the other side of the point of Cape Ann, is neat and prim with its white clapboard houses and picket fences, but it shares with Gloucester the ragged wilds of "Dogtown" and also features some of the largest and most photogenic old granite quarries in America. Essex is clams and mud flats but also antiques and marsh grass, not to mention one of the oldest working boatyards in New England. And Manchester-by-the-Sea boasts one of the tonier Zip codes in the United States, with the mansions and yachts to prove it.

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© 2004 * ISBN: 1-889833-79-7
Second Printing
$14.95 * 64 Pages * 7 x 7

Ipswich: A Celebration of Light, Land, and Sea

© 2002 * ISBN: 1-889833-29-0
Third Printing
$29.95 * 128 Pages * 11 x 9

Rockport: A Village by the Sea

© 2001 * ISBN: 1-889833-26-6
* 104 Pages * 11 x 9 *